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Educator & Mentor

Dr. Barnes teaching a student to pack an
Experience as an Educator
  • 2019-present, Adjunct Professor, University of Delaware, AAP Wilmington Museum Studies  Program Newark

  • 2010-present, Morgan State University | Lillie Carroll Jackson Civil Rights Museum Interdisciplinary Internship Development 

  • 2017-2018, EL Teacher Training

  • 2017-present, Baltimore City Public Schools Teacher Training and Curriculum Development 

  • 2003-2014, Harford Community College

Top Photo | Courtesy of LCJM
Dr. Barnes is teaching a student the practice of preventive conservation while they write condition reports and pack up the photographs and works on paper from the Lillie Carroll Jackson Civil Rights Museum in preparation for storage as the historic site is restored to its original Victorian glory.

Right Photo | Courtesy of LCJM:

Dr. Barnes with graduate students interviewing, Charles Hamilton Houston, Jr, son of the renowned civil rights attorney of the same name.

History,  Museum Studies, and Fine Arts Educator and Mentor


From history to museum studies to fine art -- for more than 20 years Dr. Barnes has been teaching and mentoring students from K-12 to PhD with hands-on experiences. Dr. Barnes reflects, "I believe the museum is an ideal environment for engaging learners of all ages. I am especially delighted to see a visitor's 'ah ha' moment, which is often transformative because of the engaging experiences museums offer. The tangible objects can make an unbelievable story more believable and real. Besides being sites of delightful memory, museums can also be that safe place to discuss difficult history and an environment to dismantle barriers. Whichever the case, museums can facilitate dialog and change."

Several of her students have gone on to gain employment by the National Park Service in different capacities, another works as the registrar of a major art museum, and several others have continued with more advanced degrees. One student in particular is Assistant Professor of Conflict Analysis and Resolution and the inaugural Director of the John Mitchell, Jr. Program for Justice and Racial Reconciliation at George Mason University.

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