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Exhibitions: Curation, Design, and Development

Beyond Jamestown

Select List of Exhibitions

  • "The Lynching Aesthetics of Maryland"

  • McComas Institute 

  • Lillie Carroll Jackson Civil 
    Rights Museum

  • "Faces of Freedom: The Upper Chesapeake, Maryland, & Beyond"

  • Creating Memories: The Scrapbooks of Financier James H. Gilliam Jr. 

  • "Beyond Jamestown: Life 400 Years Ago" 

  • NPS, John Smith 400 in the Upper Chesapeake Wayside Exhibits

  • "Beauty in Sport: Celebrating Black Jockeys in Harford County,
    Maryland & Beyond"

Exhibition Experience


As a graphic designer, Dr. Barnes created many exhibitions for the Army Environmental Center. That experience translated well into the museum environment. From simple two-dimensional designs to complex creations with many objects, a variety of materials, and multi-media or digital humanities components. Her experience as a video game animator is unfolding more fully as she discovers more opportunities to incorporate it into the emerging field of digital humanities.

Dr. Barnes mused: "Everyone is delightfully surprised when I mention that I was a video game animator and designer for many years. While I had tucked away that cache of experience, I knew it would come in handy someday. The museum field is wide open and allows individuals to bring all of their years of experience to the table. That is one of the reasons I love it so much." 

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