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"Iris is focused on achieving excellence in her work, never settling for second best. . ."

                    Jean Wortman, MDHC

About Dr. Barnes


Dr. Iris Leigh Barnes is an experienced and award-winning historian, educator, and museum professional. She has more than twenty years of experience as an educator and in the museum field. Her scholarship interests range from Civil War to Civil Rights with a particular focus on the tenacity and resilience of African Americans who survived and thrived against the odds. She reflects, "I am particularly engaged with the current trend to reveal the voices of people of color in new interpretations of mainstream 

narratives. . .

Community Engagement
and Leadership


Dr. Barnes has been recognized for her work in the community in several capacities including . . .

Beyond Jamestown exhbit Dr. Barnes Desig
Hosanna Artifacts in case
Scholarship | Exhibition Design and Development


Dr. Barnes is an award-winning exhibition designer and public program planner. She was. . .

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